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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 16, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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>> everybody is at risk. when this system is broken. >> denver top prosecutor critical of a system where judges release a accused heroin dealers back onto the streets. just within hours of their arrest. and then never to be seen again. >> this is really surprising. heroin addiction and death have skyrocketed in the denver area. in recent years. police making more arrests than ever. >> a problem solvers investigation found denver judges are releasing dozens of accused heroin onto the streets. with only a promise to return to court. two out of three never show up again. >> chris found her first born son dead of a heroin over dose. when she went to wake him up for school. he was 18 years old. >> i remember the day he died like it was two hours ago. and it doesn't go away. >> the ripple effect of heroin use. heartbreaking. >> it ruins family. >> .
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the heroin problem in the metro area has grown since then. >> the amount of heroin users. in our in the denver region. has increased. it's more than tenfold. >> two years ago we had trouble finding heroin. >> now you're tripping over it. >> . local police and federal agents are cracking down. making bigger heroin seizures and more arrest. some tell fox 31 problem solvers the ne is broken in denver. police catch the dealers. but judges release them. setting them free. without any cost or consequence. skpwhr. >> my concern. this system puts public safety at risk. >> . problem solvers went through five months of denver probatione reports and cases filed involving accused heroin deals 115 cases where we could determine what happened in the court process. we found 72 suspected heroin dealers.
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were leased by the judge. on a personal recognizance bond. a promise to come back for the next court hearing. >> . most of them did not. >> these 48, 66 percent of those released on a bond -fpt didn't show up. >> people like this. 22 year-old. denver police arrested him in april. and according to to the police report. found multiple bundles including heat sealed pacts of money. a brk bags of suspected drugs in the glove box. and suspected heroin visibly hanging from his rectum. looking at nine drug counts. the judge released him. he didn't show up and now he's a fugitive. >> they're not going to come back to court. they're going to go out and continue to commit crimes. >> that's what happened in this
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heroin. released on a pr bond. he failed today appear. he was arrested in august. again on heroin dealing. and the judge again gave him a pr bond and again he failed to appear. the percentage of those not showing up is even worse. when you look at suspected heroin dealers who told police they came from another country. dea explains heroin in denver comes from the drug car cartel in mexico. use young men to sell heroin. on denver streets.
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heroin in his mouth. and heroin in the glove box. the judge set him free on a pr bond. he failed to appear in court. and was rearrested in august. that time the judge set a two thousand dollar bond. which he posted and once again failed to appear. >> why in the world would you let him go. >> it was a cartel dealer who sold her son the lethal dose. >> they're putting people that killed my son. and maybe not the but they're putting them on the street. so for me it's just giving them a free ride to go back and make more money. and kill more kids. >> . extremely critical of the process and says the judges have the discretion to ordered suspected criminals held on higher bonds. they just tkoeupbt. >> . they just don't. >> . the judge is responsible for what happens.
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bond. >> . >> colorado law requires judges to use the least restrictive possible. when setting a bond.
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? all the care your family needs.
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>> across america. minnesota police officer. who shot and killed a man. during during a traffic stop. has been charged with second degree manslaughter. officer shot and killed last july. after pulling him over for a broken taillight. the fiancee live streamed the after math on facebook. you probably remember that. the officer shot him as he reached for his wallet. also faces two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm. due to make his first court >> the gunman who killed a southwestairline employee before killing himself. has been identified as a 45 year-old. former employee of southwest airlines. shot and killed michael winchester from about 50 yards away. while they believe he went there to kill. it's not clear if winchester the father of kansas city chiefs player. was his intended target. he resigned from his job in april. 2015. >> .
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come close. you have to see it. caught on camera big brother in florida coming to the rescue of his baby brother. >> . turns away for a moment. infants started to roll. that nine year-old came running in. caught the almost 30 pound baby. watch again. right there in his arms. >> . she noticed i felt like something came and pushed me forward. i just ran and caught him. >> i believe in miracles. i had tpher never seen one firsthand. >> . i cannot believe it.
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tore through the door. >> the problem solvers recreated the crash. and discovered the guardrail. didn't perform as designed. >> .
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dated safety devices. still lining our highways.
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to paint police officers in a different light. >> these officers are husbands. wifes and mothers. fathers. coaches and leaders. they are remarkable people who do remarkable things behind the badge. >> her husband was shot 6 times during a traffic stop in december 2015. he made a miracle recovery. and returned to work nine months later. >> he is on the cover of this first of its kind >> inside. there are stories of officers like you have never seen. coaching. special olympics. helping at risk kids. sponsoring rescued horses. building custom motorcycles. taking inner city kids fishing.
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this is perfect timing. took everything not to shed a tear. especially when i saw tony jr. and john. >> with all bad in the world. they you want you to see the go. >> >> the net proceeds go to the denver police foundation. an independent funding source for the police department. to buy equipment the city can't afford. calendars available now on amazon. and local branches of alpine banks. >> . i love the cover photograph. >> . there's such great stories. this guy. mr. august. >> . he coaches at risk youth.
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at facility for at risk youth. and they were cussing him out and swearing five months ago. today he turned that place around. and they give him high fives. and hug him. >> shows respect. >> . when she shows up. get one before they sell out. 20 bucks. >> . up for auction in denver raoeulgt now. selling one engine from thornton. two from would boulder. there no minimum bid. the auction manager says they're in great shape. they have pumps. ready to go. one has 40 thousand miles on it. only being retired because of rules about how long trucks can be in service. remember you cannot win if you don't bid.
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north carolinaing clouds. the snow is knocking on the door. in salt lake city. it's on its way to us. today. the warm before the storm. the 70s and record breaking 80s. like here in denver. with 50s and 60s over the mountains. and points west.
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?? i'm waaaiting... ?? ?? don't wait to bring a little kiss of blue bunny to your holiday favorites.
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three and 7. i'd say denver is slightly you r achieving. a great chance tonight to re-install newfound can confide. against a suns team. that has a worse record than denver does. one more loss. nuggets looking for the first home win of the season. came out hot early. >> . >> a 40 percent 3 point shooter. might want to guard that guy.
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the rookie. starting to find his groove from the outside. beats the buzzer here. with a 3 ball. now the player of the game. ill will. off the screen. top of the key. 3 of his game high 28. nuggets led 61 to 43 at half. threaten to run away. down the stretch. still close. seven point game. wins the 50, 50 ball. nuggets get it done. final score. 120 to. >> . despite being on the buy week. a couple players were keeping a close eye on the player of the week award. announced today. >> the reek key free safety got it done. with a memorable game clenching play. three days old. it never gets old. special teams player of the week. up and over the top of the snapper. gets the block. parks scooping and scoring.
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>> stewart however. snubbed of the award for defensive player of the week. real head scratcher. considering he became the first player this season on any team. just the second bronco player ever to record 3 turn overs. in one game. >> . who won it then. the chiefs eric berry. he had an interception. and he you have to admit maizing return. a key touch down in the chiefs come back win again. just one measly pick six. stewart had three turn overs. the chiefs that's what's next for the broncos. a week tprao sunday at mile high stadium. >> . that's where i'm from. i love to beat up on the chiefs. and come back and talk crap to my friends and family. it's big time.
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from out of boulder. at nine. and 10:00. i'm ready for some football. >> broncos on a buy week. we get a great football game this week. catch is right here. >> berry. we have to watch for that guy. >> he's dangerous for sure. >> . that was quite a play. although our guy got robbed.
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>> >> first. we want to talk about what's on everyone's mine. tonight. the change in the weather. >> . today we have sunshine. and clear skies. far tkpraoeu what we're deal w-g this time last year. >> right there. check out the difference on the right side. today's weather. people enjoy sun at wash park. the left telling a different story. a snowstorm hit the high country. then rolled spao the metro.


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